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Required Levels:    Anyone Current Level 16+.
Location:           The Arena
Scoring:            More points for killing higher level players, or players
                    with more points. Less (or negative) points for killing
                    lower level players, or players with less points.
Time:               Time assigned at start. 't <QuestGod> time' to see
                    time remaining. At end, players will fight to the last
                    one standing.
Prize:              Quest Points for top hero/newbie

The object of this quest is to kill people. After each kill, you will gain
(or lose) points, depending on your victims level relative to yours, and
your victims score relative to yours. Basically, killing someone that has
a higher level then you (taking into account both current level and total
level) will get you more points then killing someone who is a lower level.
Likewise, killing someone with more points then you will get you more
points then killing someone with less points. If you pick on people who
are of a significantly lower level than you, and have few points, you will
lose points. The person you have slain will receive the points you lost
(this also leads to a possible strategy for lower level players to attack
heroes, purposefully trying to die, in order to gain points when the hero
loses them). Also, if you die, it will cost you 20% of your points to
re-enroll (assuming you have any points at all). If, at any point, you
fall below -50 points, you will be banned for the rest of the quest. This
will only happen if you continuously prey on players of a much lower level
then you, however.

After a certain amount of time, re-enrollments are disallowed, and the
remaining players fight it out until only one is left. At that time, the
remaining player will receive a 50 point bonus, and the player with the
most points (including those players who are no longer in the quest) will
be declared the winner, and receive a quest point.

qc enroll          : Enroll in quest, or return to quest after you have
                     been killed
qc quit            : Leave quest
t <questgod> time  : Find out how much time is left before you cannot
                     re-enroll anymore
t <questgod> score : Find out how many points you have

This quest is based on a quest by Omawarisan, of the same name.

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