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The is a herb gathering quest in which you return herbs to the quest god
for use in calling forth invocations (listed below). To win the game you
need to obtain five victory points - these are gained via the invocations
of FAVOR, EQUALIZATION or CHAOS There are five different herbs that can
be returned, three of which represent different deities.

There is Parsley, which is the symbol of the dawn and Ushas, Thyme, which is
the symbol of the day and Mitra, and Mint, which is the symbol of the night
and Ratri. There are also Lemon and Nightshade that are general herbs.

To cast an invocation you will need the required amount of herbs, usually
two. To call forth any of the battle invocations someone will need to invoke
BATTLE. Most general invocations require an equal number of each herb, while
battle invocations usually require only half of the secondary herb.

The requirement can change depending on if Mitra is in favor or not. If Ushas
is in favor then there will be a higher rate of growth, which can be further
extended by OVERGROWTH or halted all together by WITHER.

FAVOR is a powerful non-battle invocation which can give up to three victory
points. It is difficult to gain these as you require a significant amount of
the deities total herbs. (i.e. if Ratri has 80 herbs, you require 20+ Mint.

ENTROPY is a global invocation which will destroy all herbs of a random type.
Be warned that this will effect your herbs as well.

CHAOS is purely random and can give you a victory point but is likely to fail
more than anything else.

MASTERSPELL will make your next spell require a lot less herbs to invoke. This
will not effect the success amount of the invocation (e.g. CHAOS/FAVOR)

RUIN/PROTECTION, FREEDOM/STASIS are the opposite of each other - although
PROTECTION will block any single targetable invocation against you.

POTENCY will give you a chance to make one of your herb supplies go further.

GEAS             - Is yet to be written.

EQUALIZATION has a chance to balance against someone elses' victory tokens.


Non-Battle Invocations:

Protection       - Protects you from the next battle spell cast against you
Overgrowth       - Brings an abundance of growth into the realm
Wither           - Halts new growth for a time
Favor            - Attemps to bring forth favor from the three deities
Aspect           - Trades in your general herbs for the current favor herb
Potency          - Makes one of your herbs more abundant
Equalization     - Chance to even the victory tokens
Battle           - Initiates the battle spells

Battle Invocations:

Geas <target>    - (To Be Written)
Stasis <target>  - Causes a player to not be able to cast spells for a time
Freedom <target> - Frees another player from stasis (no self target)
Entropy          - Destroys a random herb
Chaos            - Has a random chance of bestowing you a victory point
Ruin <target>    - Forces a player's next spell to fail
Masterspell      - Makes your next spell require a lower amount of herbs

Requirement Matrix:

              | L | N | P | M | T |
Protection    |   |   | X | X |   |
Overgrowth    | X |   |   |   | X |
Wither        |   | X |   | X |   |
Favor         | X | X |   |   |   |
Aspect        | X |   |   |   |   |
Potency       |   |   | X |   |   |
Equalization  |   |   |   |   | X |
Battle        |   | X |   |   |   |
Geas          | X |   |   | X |   |
Stasis        |   | X |   |   | X |
Freedom       | X |   | X |   |   |
Entropy       |   | X |   | X |   |
Chaos         |   |   |   | X | X |
Ruin          |   |   | X | X |   |
Masterspell   |   |   | X |   | X |

Telepath commands:

tell <Quest God> enroll       - to enroll in the quest
tell <Quest God> herbs        - shows you how many herbs you have
tell <Quest God> score        - scores you your score
tell <Quest God> help         - directs you to the help information
tell <Quest God> remove me    - removes you from the quest

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