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This is a free-for-all quest in which players compete to stand as the victor.
In practice this means that a random player is picked to stand in the eternal
halls from those fighting in the battlefield. While there they will slowly
gain a passive amount of points, which will then be rewarded when they are
slain or the quest ends.

A challenger will also be randomly selected to face them. While the victor is
sent straight into the arena, the challenger is put into a holding room above
them. The challenger could remain here but this will be frowned upon and would
simply result in the victor gaining more points. Both of these players may
randomly receive a boon or effect, such as a heal, a random quest scroll,
damage or other such things.

The other players are still free to fight each other in the standard
free-for-all fashion and will be rewarded for their actions.

The goal of this is to have a high risk/reward opportunity within the
standard free-for-all quest. The longer the victor survives then the more
points they gain, but the risk of death increases as well.

Telepath commands:

tell <Quest God> score        - scores you your score
tell <Quest God> help         - directs you to the help information
tell <Quest God> remove me    - removes you from the quest

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