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Object: Once in a great while, demons would rise from the depths of Hell
to transfer their evil souls to the living. Their horrifying desires to kill
were then thrust upon innocent victims in Medievia. Farmers, shopkeepers,
and teachers would form together to destroy the evil that had begun to
plague their town. Carrying pitchforks and torches, these townsfolk would
scour the countryside looking for the poor victims of the demonic terror.
Once they found them, the only way to remove the evil from their good souls
was to destroy their mortal bodies.

The demons have risen once again. It is time to destroy them for the good
of all Medievia.

Goals: As an innocent player, killing possessed players as well as removing
the demonic threat from the town will give you points. As a possessed player,
killing innocent victims will give you points. The player with the highest
score at the end of time period wins the quest.

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