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This help file refers to "Version 1" of this question.
Please see Help CLASSQUEST for "Version 2" of Battle of the Classes!

Required Levels:  Various Level Restrictions per game
Location:         ClassQuest Area of the Wasteland
Scoring:          Elimination, become the best of your class.
Time:             Runs until 1 player is left
Prize:            Quest Points

To fight people from your class one on one (thief vs. thief, for
example). Winners will continue on fighting members of their class until
they have no further opponents. An easy way to think of the beginning of
this quest is that each of the classes has an eliminiator quest to
determine their champion. Losers are out of the game--you only get one
chance. It is entirely possible that you won't fight until the finals.
For example, if you're the only cleric enrolled then you will wait until
the finals to fight. When there is only one champion per class left, the
finals will begin. The finals take place in a 3 by 3 arena where all the
champions are placed. The champions will battle it out until there is
only one left who is the master of classes!


qc enroll - enroll in the game
qc info   - show level restrictions for current game
qc help   - info

tell <Quest God> remove me     - to leave the quest
                                 (before enrollments close)

tell <Quest God> showstats     - will show your current statistics
tell <Quest God> clanstats <#> - will show statistics for clan <#>
tell <Quest God> townstats <#> - will show statistics for town <#>
tell <Quest God> clanent <#>   - will show contributors for clan <#>
tell <Quest God> townent <#>   - will show contributors for town <#>

See Also: QUEST QC