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Object: There are 10 Levels to the game. You fight 1 on 1, and the winner
moves up and the loser moves down. You only fight 1 other player, in a 4
room area. Your opponent is selected at random from the available
opponents on your level. There is a 25 second warning before you fight
that will announce who your opponent is. After each fight there is time to
"regroup" and prepare yourself of the next. Once two players reach level
10, the quest goes into finals mode.

Quest points will be awarded to the winner as well as players who have
reached a certain score level.

The quest can also be run at different level amounts, such as 8. This will
effect the time of the quest and how much quest points are rewarded.

There is also a "Carnage Mode" which removes the increase/decrease of levels
and makes the quest more free flowing.


telepath <Quest god> remove me - remove yourself after you have been killed
telepath <Quest god> time - will tell you how long the finals are
telepath <Quest god> score - will tell you your score

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