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Required Levels:  None
Location:         Arena area of the Wasteland
Scoring:          1 victory point per totem
Time:             Runs until chaos or order achieve 10 victory
                  points while their moon is in phase
Prize:            Special items for all winning teammates

Blood Moon 2 (called "BM2" from now on) is a PK game played in the Arena.
You, the player, become a follower of one of two ethoi: Order or Chaos.
These two alignments wage a bloody battle for the favor of the Dark
Goddess. Whichever team impresses her enough "  " by fulfilling the two
victory conditions "  " will become the rulers of the mortal realm. The team
that fails to impress her...but such things are not spoken of.

Since this quest is complicated, there are many helpfiles related to
it. Read below for a general outline of the quest and the names of the
specific helpfiles.

Player Types:

 AVATAR       - The leader of the team. He holds and plays the Trumps, the
                team's greatest weapons against their enemies. He must be
                both strong and smart, for if he plays his trumps
                unwisely the team will surely lose.
                HELP BM2_AVATAR)

 TOTEM BEARER - The keeper of the team's magic Totem. This powerful item
                can be used to focus the Bearer's magic into the Avatar's
                trumps, charging them for use. He is also the main
                punching bag of the enemy team, since killing him is
                vital to their victory. The Bearer's role is very
                important, for if he stays in one piece the enemy
                team can never win.
                HELP BM2_TOTEM)

 CHAMPION     - The team's strongman, mercenary, and executioner all
                wrapped into one. His formidable powers allow him to do
                massive damage to the enemy team "  " IF he is careful not
                to overreach himself.
                HELP BM2_CHAMPION)

 ACOLYTES     - Everyone else. They don't get all of the perks the
                other three player types do, but they still have a few
                tricks up their sleeves. Their goals are simple: kill the
                enemy Totem Bearer, and use the captured totem to win a
                victory point for their team. They have the most important
                role of all, for they are the only ones who can actually
                win the game.
                HELP BM2_ACOLYTE)


Acolytes try to kill the enemy Totem Bearer. If they succeed, they must
find the Quest God (QG) and give him the captured totem. This will give
their side a victory point. All players try to protect their side's Totem
Bearer, while assisting in the attempts to kill the enemy Bearer. If an
Acolyte captures a totem, they will try to help him or kill him as
appropriate. If an Acolyte dies while carrying a totem, his enemies
automatically recapture it.

Players who find blank trumps lying around the Arena will try to bring
them to their side's Totem Bearer so he can turn them in to the QG. Only
Bearers can turn in blank trumps; anyone else who tries will get a nasty
surprise. Once a blank trump has been turned in, the Avatar can declare it
to be one of the possible "real" trumps - with certain restrictions. The
Totem Bearer decides which of his side's trumps to charge with his magical
energy. The Avatar plays the charged trumps at his discretion.


Limbo is the place that people go to when they die. (Certain trumps can
also make you end up in there.) It's not a fun place: cold, murky, and
filled with a lot of other players who are just as unhappy as you are to
be there. But, it is a good opportunity to read up on the rules. Every now
and then, the game will pick one of the people in Limbo and release him
back into the Arena. No matter how it may appear, this picking is done
totally randomly. The more players there are in Limbo, the more frequently
one will be picked to be released.

If your enemy's moon is in phase, no one on your side can be released
from Limbo except by trumps.


To win the game, your side must fulfill both of the following victory
conditions, and have them both at the same time:

     Your side must have 10 victory points.
     Your side's moon must be in phase.

Neither side can have more than ten victory points (or less than zero).
If both teams reach ten victory points, Armageddon will occur. This is a
slam-bang no-holds-barred battle-to-the-death between the two teams, all
in one small room. After two minutes have elapsed Armageddon will be
declared over and the pieces will be picked up and counted. Each enemy
level your side kills is worth one point. Each trump your side possesses
is worth 20 points. Whichever side ends up with the most points is the
winner of the game.