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Quest auctions are held once a week, starting at midnight Thursday night
and continuing for a random period between 44 and 52 hours. To buy
something on a quest auction, you spend "QUEST POINTS"

The QP command lists the dates when auctions will take place, along with
other information on quest points. Details on items up for auction are
posted on the quest board, located in MEDLINK

To watch the auction, turn on the QUEST channel using SETCOMM To place
bids, use the QBID command.

qbid ?        - Lists details on all items up for bid.
qbid S ?      - Lists details on the item in slot S.
qbid S #      - Places a bid of <#> quest points on the item in slot S.
qbid S cancel - Cancels your bid on the item in slot S for a fee.

Details will show the current high bid on an item, but bidding is blind:
you cannot see which player currently has the high bid. Keep in mind that
the auction ends at a random time 44 to 52 hours after starting, so get
your bids in early to avoid missing the deadline.

Cancelling your bid on an item costs you five percent of that bid in
quest points, so be careful when placing your bids.

If you win a quest auction, the item will be sent to you in the mail.