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This is the application to become a quest god, either a Quest Designer or
a Quest Assistant. If you wish to apply, please read over all the
information provided before filling out the questions below.

The current duties of a Quest Designer are as follows:
   * Write new quest scripts using ideas approved by the Quest Manager.
   * Run both personally created and MQA approved quest scripts.

The current duties of a Quest Assistant are as follows:
   * Run MQA approved quest scripts and herobattles.

Note: While scripting ability is required for Quest Designers only it is
highly recommended for all applicants.

To be considered for the positions, you must meet the following

Quest Designer:
   * Demonstrate ability to develop creative, innovative, and feasible
     quest ideas. Since coders are very busy, the majority of new quests
     will rely solely on MudMaster scripts. Originality and storyline play
     a large part in the development of new quest ideas.
   * Demonstrate the ability to script to a high standard.
   * Be able to design/develop/write and implement new quests.
   * Know how to script using the MudMaster console client.

Quest Designer and Quest Assistant:
   * Demonstrate willingness to be active and to also handle non-quest-
     related matters, such as helping new players and dealing with general
     player issues and discipline issues as they arise.
   * Show willingness to follow all quest system policies and instructions
     from the Quest Manager.
   * Be able to spend at least 10 hours each week on your god and remain

All gods on Medievia must meet the following requirements:
   * You must be 18 years old or older.
   * You must have a multiclass character on Medievia.
   * Your characters must have good standing on Medievia.

If you meet the listed requirements and are interested in becoming a Quest
Designer or Quest Assistant, e-mail an application to
Use "Quest Application for <Playername>" as the subject, and replace
<Playername> with your main/primary character's name.

** You must also read HELP GOD_FAQ and HELP APPLICATION_TIPS **

 1. Are you at least 18 years of age or older?

 2. List your mortal name and levels achieved in Medievia. If you have
    more than one include them all.

 3. How long have you played Medievia?

 4. What is your native language and what country do you currently reside
    in? What other languages can you speak fluently? Note that having
    English as a second language in no way counts against you on the

 5. For what reasons do you want to be a Quest God?

 6. What experience do you have with scripting using the MudMaster
    console version?

 7. Do you think there are any problems with the current quest system and if
    so, what are they? What do you like about the current system?

 8. What makes you more qualified to be a quest god than other applicants?

 9. If you have any, please suggest changes or quest ideas you would
    propose which show creativity, depth, and understanding of quest
    design or department aspects.

10. How many hours a week do you have available to work on your god
    should you be hired?

11. What other information can you tell us about yourself that you feel
    qualifies you for a god position?

12. Are you able to conduct yourself in an unbiased manner when dealing
    with players?

13. Describe your education to us. This may be high school, college,
    or your own personal studies. What subjects interest you the

14. Write a brief (1-2 paragraph) letter explaining why you wish to
    become a god on Medievia.

You will be notified that your application was received, and if your
application is accepted, you will be contacted for more information.

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.

Again, send applications to Use "Quest Application
for <Playername>"-as the subject, and replace <Playername> with your
main character's name.