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Syntax: practice [skill/spell]

Practice is the way you improve your spells and skills. You must go to
your guildmaster to practice. With no argument, PRACTICE lists your
current skills. Each time you practice, you will lose between 1 and 3
practice session points.

You get 5 more practices every time you gain a level.

When you are practicing in a guild, be careful. You have a very limited
amount of practices to use and many different things to use them on. Make
SURE of what you want to practice before you actually do. For example,
clerics may not find 'continual light' helpful when they are first able to
practice it, so may want to wait until later to practice. There are
no reimbursements for 'wasted practices'. Clerics also have a few
levels of healing. They may wish to only get one or two of them to
save on practices. Thieves may not find 'pick' useful at first and may
want to wait until later, etc. Whatever you do, make sure it will be
useful for you.

There is a limit of 225 practices. See HELP DC

Note: Mages and clerics see not only the spell and level it is trained to
when using the PRACTICE command, they also see how much mana the spell
will cost to cast. The spells, at first, will cost more than shown in the
individual help files for spells. As you grow more experienced in using
those spells, the cost, for most of them, will decrease until it reaches
the base amount it is worth. The decrease will be seen after each level.

After a player multiclasses, they are still able to practice skills and
spells from prior classes by finding the multi-trainer for that class.
There are a few for each class around, but they are sometimes easy to
find. Practicing spells or skills from prior classes cost the same amount
of practices that they would have then.