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One of the great things about Clantowns is the Clantown Portals. Each
leading clan builds a town and is able to set each room to a particular
type. One of these types is the CLANTOWN PORTAL When a room is set to
this type, it allows anyone in the game to use that room to move to any
other Clantown in Medievia, or to the City of Medievia itself.

To use a portal, you must be level 7 or higher.

Using a portal takes some time, and is sometimes prone to error. It may
portal you to a wrong town, in which you will see a message that you are
spinning out of control or it may even toss you into the wilderness.

To use a Portal just use the ENTER command.
ENTER 42         will pop you to Clan 42's Clantown
ENTER swords     will pop you to Clan 42's Clantown also as the word
                 swords is part of their clan name
ENTER med        will pop you to the City of Medievia
ENTER trellor    will pop you to the City of Trellor

For information on what clantowns represent what portal numbers use the
SHOWTOWN command.

The City of Medievia also has special portals. The Cleric, Mage, Thief and
Warrior sections, plus the center of the city (recall) each have their own
portal that can be used to go to other sections of the town. To use these
portals, go to the portal and type: ENTER <place you want to go>

The keywords that you can use are:

Main    (takes you to "recall")
Guild   (takes you to your own guild to practice)

These will take you to another location in the City.