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Poker is a game with an ancient tradition, and a somewhat notorious
reputation. Many have chosen poker as an occupation, few however have
managed to attain continued success at it. It can however be a fun and
even profitable hobby. To play poker in Medievia, you must first pick a
leader who becomes the dealer. The Medievia poker system allows for many
different types of poker games.

<Cards Command List>
**Dealer Commands

Shuffle      -Takes the cards and shuffles the deck.
Showdeal(sd) -Deals the cards FACE UP so all can see.
Hidedeal(hd) -Deals the cards FACE DOWN so only player can see.
Down deal(dd)-Deals the cards FACE DOWN so NO ONE can see.

All deal commands are in the form command#player where #=the number of
cards dealt. Note that if "player" is not supplied cards are dealt to
everyone at the table.

**Player Commands

Cards    -Shows you your cards. "Cards A" will show everyone's cards.
Discard  -Causes you to throw away a card eg. discard 7h Qs 10c etc.
Show     -Turns your cards over so all can see.
ante     -Ante # will make you drop # coins for the ante.
raise    -Raise # will make you drop # coins to raise the bet.
fold     -Will fold your hand for the current game.

Remember poker can result in animosity even between good friends. It is
against casino rules to kill other players, so if you have a dispute that
cannot be settled verbally please take it out of the casino.