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This command shows information about a particular player. It will give the
information, as shown in the example below, of Clan, Class, Level, Sex,
and the last time that player was on. If the player has multi-classed, you
may see something like: Class: Mage (C). This means that this character
has already been through 31 levels of Cleric and is currently a Mage, or

    Name: Alyssia
    Clan: Lords of the Setting Sun (39)
    Class: Cleric ()
    Level: 24 (24)
    Sex: Female
    Alyssia was last on Mon Jul 24 01:58:36 2000

If that player is a member of the same clan as you are, you will also
be able to see the alignment and the number of eggs the player has.
    Alignment: 922
    Eggs: 636