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   page <command>          - shows the output of the command a page at a time
   page #                  - shows you how many lines you see on each page
   page #<number of lines> - allows you to set your default page length
   page #auto              - automatically adjust your page length
   page -none <command>    - displays command output WITHOUT paging
                             (used for commands like WHO and CHANGES that
                             ordinarily page by default)

To help prevent lines scrolling off your screen, you are able to paginate
most commands.

This may be especially helpful when trying to look in the donation room in
the City of Medievia or while using the spell FARSIGHT It may be used
with any command except with itself.

If you set your page size to 'auto', and your MUD client supports it, your
page length will be set to the size of your terminal window automatically.
If you set your page size to 0, nothing will be paged. The default is 22 lines.

While paging you can skip lines until you come to the line(s) you want to see.
You simply prefix the text you want to find with a '/' (Mud Master users must
type two '/') or 'n'.

To skip to the next line in the who command with "WAR" on it type: /WAR

Please note that capitalization is important.