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Syntax: <command> <door name> [direction] [key name]

Examples: open door                - opens a door, provided it is unlocked
          unlock gate east         - unlocks the gate to the east,
                                     provided you have the proper key
          lock trapdoor down metal - locks the trapdoor in the down
                                     direction, using the metal key in
                                     your inventory

Opens, closes, locks, or unlocks a door. "Direction" is optional, but may
be necessary if a room has two doors with the same name. "Key name" is
necessary only on certain doors, where you have to know the name of the
proper key.

Barrier doors may only be crossed by the form in possession of the proper
key. On some barrier doors, the form leader must be HOLDing the key, not
merely have it in inventory.

When a door is hidden or secret, the act of successfully searching
for it unlocks or opens it. These doors may not be closeable.