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The Implementors are Vryce, Ozymandias, and others. It is through our
hundreds of hours of work that you can enjoy MEDIEVIA

The game is run and owned by VRYCE (Mike Krause).

For programming information: (Vryce)

If you have a problem with the game, implementors and immortals are there
to help you.

If an implementor or an immortal asks you to do something, then do it.
If they ask you how something happened, then tell them. As a player in
our game, you are a guest at the party we are throwing. If you hassle us,
we'll kick you out.

On the other side ... if an immortal interferes with game balance, or uses
immortal power to harass players, we (the implementors or chief immortal)
will demote as needed. An immortal is not a superman mortal. They are
there to help run the game, not for their own personal enjoyment.

All of the implementors, and most of the immortals, also have mortal
characters. Feel free to treat these as you would any other players.
They don't get any special benefits for their mortal chars, and you don't
owe them any more than you do other mortal chars.

There are a few ways to become a god. One is to become a builder. Please
read help BUILDING if you would like to build for Medievia. For regular
god positions, read help APPLICATION We are not always hiring, but we are
always accepting applications. Sometimes specific jobs will also be
advertised in ANNOUNCEMENTs. They will provide directions on how to apply.