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    We currently have a waiting list of good builder applicants
    we plan to hire. If you want to send your application it will
    be placed on the waiting list if it is approved.

       ***Builders must be 18 years of age or older.***

Builders are required to be multiclass players. History files may or may
not influence application reviewal depending on the severity of the

We do not hire "partnership" builders. If you wish to build a zone you
may not have a partner, you must build it yourself.

We recommend using your best grammar and reading Help CT BUILDING before
submitting an application. Regular builders do not follow the same rules,
but many of the rules such as those for room descriptions are similar.

Builder sends zone proposal to
    Application should include:
        5 room descriptions
        Special procedures (optional)
        Level range (what level range it is for)
        Number of rooms (estimate)
        Maps are nice, but not required until hired
        Amount of time they intend to spend on zone work / week
        Sample mob and object names (these are just examples)
        Any past experience in building for games or muds
        Mortal names and levels achieved in Medievia
        Finally, the reason(s) you wish to build a zone for Medievia

Gods sort through the applications.

Notice: We are sorry, but we can only accept a small percentage of
applicants to become builders. We are also sorry that we do not have a lot
of time to explain in detail reasons for whom we accept and whom we deny.
In the past we have wasted a lot of time doing this. We no longer feel that it
is how we should be spending our time. We will be focusing on getting the
best possible zones built as quickly as possible instead of debating with
hundreds of applicants about why we approve one over another.

A timely decision is made on whether someone's worth hiring. This should be
done within 3 days of forwarding the application. In the abscence of input
from any of the above after 3 days, whoever's actually around makes a call
as to whether the person is worth hiring. (If we know someone's going to be
gone for a week, we can delay applications, but anyone under consideration
should be informed that there'll be a delay so they don't think we're
ignoring them).

This initial review can have three outcomes:

1)  Rejected. Again, a note is sent to the builder explaining why.

2)  The builder has potential, but isn't ready to do a whole zone yet,
    or their zone idea has flaws. Builder may be asked to work on the
    zone renovation project to get some seasoning. Whatever flaws exist
    in the application should be pointed out to the builder so that they
    may learn from them and possibly do better if they choose to apply

3)  Hired. Many things happen now, read on ...

If the builder is hired, they're given a level 32 builder. The WOM adds the
builder to wizlist and godlist. The WOM needs to remember to get their
e-mail address.
*** NOTE - we need to fix the process for getting them onto medbuild ***

The builder is assigned a temp zone from the zone file. Zone file is
updated with the builder's name, and builder's zone is set via setdesign
command. The builder's history is appended as to what zone they will be
doing, etc. Builder e-mails his first report for the
god management WWW page.

The builder is given an ftp upload account. The account is named for the
builder, with the directory being the zone number. Some of the zone information
from the application is placed in the ftp acct for easy access by anyone who
needs it. The files should be named as indicated at the bottom of the file.

A medbuild entry is created for the new zone.

One of the WOMs or zone manager types gives the new builder a quick course in

Within the first couple of days, the new builder should work with Selthios
to create a reasonable schedule for completing most of the various
milestones laid out in medbuild. These should be completed in roughly the
order of the medbuild command, though some of them may be worked on

As the builder finishes tasks, they should update their status via the medbuild
command. The builder should only set the status on an item when he or she feels
that that item is complete; that is, they've looked through it for grammar
errors, and made sure that it's quality work. Once they've ascertained this,
they set the status to "Uploaded, Waiting for Review".

At this point, whoever has time to handle that item grabs it, and updates the
status to "Processing". They do whatever needs to be done in the way of
reviewing and uploading, then they change the status to either "Needs Work" or
"Complete". If it's changed to "Needs Work," a comment indicating what
needs to be fixed should be added via MEDBUILD A. (An exception is made
for rooms, since they're handled using the RA command). If more detail is
needed, e-mail should be sent to the builder, with all the other WOM types
cc'd. Ideally, a copy of the e-mail should be placed in the ftp directory
for reference, too.

The WOMs and ZEs have final say over whether a mob or object is valid,
though a consensus can generally be reached.

The first five items (link, rooms, mobs, objects, zonefile) should be added to
as they become complete (well, rooms are done automatically, but you know what I

Procs (Special Procedures coded into the game for the zone) are never started
until the first five items are complete. This is to keep coders from wasting
time on zones that never quite get done.

Once procs are finished, the zone is playtested. After that's complete, the
last few items (Zoneinfo, Webpage, Announcement, Survey, and Coords) are
supplied by the builder, if they haven't been already.

The zone file is then updated by a WOM the HZE, or Ozy with coordinates,
dragon coordinates, etc.

Ozy then links the zone to the map, and a WOM or the HZE adds the

Soleil adds the web page entry.

Zone is open.

File names for the ftp dir:
    story.txt   - zone story
    info.txt    - # of rooms, suggested levels
    link.txt    - medlink entry for hall of zones
    ###.mob     - mob file, where ### is the zone number
    ###.obj     - obj file, where ### is the zone number
    ###.zon     - zone file, where ### is the zone number
    procs.txt   - spec procs for zone
    webpage.txt - webpage entry
    news.txt    - announcement entry
    survey.txt  - survey message