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Warrior only.

    OFFHAND weapon

    offhand kris
    offhand venom

This technique allows a warrior to substitute a shield for a second
weapon. Current class warriors may wield any one-handed weapon in their
right hand, and a BACKSTABBER in their left.

If you are already wielding two backstabbers, you can use SWAP to
exchange them between the wield and offhand positions.

If you choose to use an offhand weapon, note that weapon HR and DR only
apply to attacks involving that weapon. Your primary weapon's HR and DR
do not apply to attacks made with your offhand weapon, and your offhand
weapon's HR and DR do not apply to attacks made with your primary

You will attempt offhand weapon strikes during melee combat, but not
while attempting to BACKSTAB The number of offhand melee attacks
(hits) you can get is determined by the number of melee attacks you do
with your primary weapon. An offhand weapon can get a maximum number of
attacks equal to one less than the number of attacks made by a weapon
in the primary hand. For example, if your primary hand weapon swings 3
times, your offhand weapon may get 2, 1, or 0 attacks.

Currently, offhand weapons do not receive the bonus chance to attack
from INF_MELEE that primary weapons do.

Note that those are best-case scenarios; you will get fewer attacks
most of the time, and of course you may miss, or the opponent may DODGE
or PARRY your hits, depending on who or what you're fighting.

Note: You cannot use a shield while wielding an offhand weapon.

Further note that only current class warriors may use an offhand
weapon! See Also: SWAP BACKSTABBER