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This application is for the New Player Recruiting position. It involves
posting on bulletin boards, newsgroups, and other places to advertise
for Medievia, as well as spreading the word to anyone else you think
may be interested.

Please read the following before applying for a god:

 *You must be 18 years old or older.
 *Use your best grammar and spelling for the entire application.
 *Read "help GOD_FAQ and "help APPLICATION_TIPS before applying.
 *Do not include attached files in your application.

Applications for this position should be sent to
Please put "Application for NPR from <Playername>" as your subject.
Replace <Playername> with your main character's name. Do not include
attachments with your application; write everything in a text e-mail. You
will get a form letter stating that we have received your application and
that it will be processed with the next batch of applicants. After it
has been reviewed you will receive another note letting you know the status
of your application (approved, denied, archived). Try to answer questions
in a way that will tell us something about yourself, and why you are the
person for the job.

 1. Are you at least 18 years old or older?

 2. What are all of your character(s)' name(s) on Medievia, and what
    level(s) are they?

 3. Have you ever had a character permanently frozen or purged before?

 4. How many approximate hours per day or week could you dedicate as a god
    on Medievia?

 5. Do you post actively on newsgroups and bulletin boards currently? Do
    you have a server that is reliable and has access to newgroups and
    lists? Will you be willing to post advertisements about Medievia and go
    into gaming chat rooms and recruit new players?

 6. Write a mock version of an advertisement you'd like to see about
    Medievia. Keep in mind your grammar, creativity and flow count!

 7. Write a mock e-mail you'd send to a friend describing Medievia. Keep
    in mind grammar, creativity and flow count for this as well, along
    with your enthusiasm about the game!

 8. Do you have an interest in helping new players, approving names and
    greeting new players?

 9. What languages do you know fluently, and which one is your native
    language (the one you speak and understand the best)? Note that
    having English as a second language in no way disqualifies you from
    being hired. What country do you live in?

10. What other information can you tell us about yourself that you feel
    qualifies you for a god position?

11. Have you had experience in any type of sales or recruiting before?
    Tell us about your job experience.

11. Describe your education to us. This may be high school, college, or
    your own personal studies. What subjects interest you the most?

12. Have you played any other MUD-like games, and if so which ones?

14. Write a brief (1-2 paragraph) letter explaining why you wish to
    become a god on Medievia.

Send all applications to Do not include attached
files. Applications should be in text in the e-mail body. Use
"Application for NPR from <Playername>" as the subject. Replace
<Playername> with your mortal's main character.

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.