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Welcome, new players! This file is designed to teach you what new player
parties are all about. If a god announces over the new player CLAN about a
party, you can expect lots of fun experience complete with god help,
AVATAR help and lots of goodies.

To join a new player party you must first find out which GOD is performing
it. The god in charge will usually announce the party over the new player
clan with a message to TELEPATH them "party" to attend. When you telepath
the god about joining, please be sure to type "party" just as it is
written; any added information such as capital letters, exclamation
points, or spaces will result in you not being automatically transferred
to the party.

When you arrive at the party, all you have to do is explore the ZONE and
kill creatures for their goodies. Items that were loaded strictly for
the party will appear in a mob's inventory, and you can get the prize
from its corpse. Be sure to read HELP KILLSTEALING and HELP LOOTSTEALING
these files are important for proper party etiquette and to prevent you
from breaking any RULES while attending the party.

Because these parties are intended to give new players a fun environment
to learn new zones, we expect that those participating do not PK the other

We hope that when these parties are thrown you all have quite a bit of
fun. Please MUDMAIL Selthios if you have any questions or comments about
the parties (type HELP MUDMAIL