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If a god directed you to read this file, you were warned about being
denied access to the newbie clan (clan 50, the New Adventurers' Guild), or
you have already lost your newbie clan privileges.

There are two main reasons to be denied access to the clan:

1. You acted inappropriately or were disrespectful on the newbie clan
   channel. This includes, but is not limited to:

   - BASHING the game, other players, or gods.
   - Attempting in any way to ruin other players' enjoyment of the game.
   - Using vulgarity or other inappropriate language.
   - Badgering players for duels, CPK duels, or other arrangements.

2. You have an unapproved or unapprovable name.

   - If your character is a storage character with an unapproved/unapprovable
     name, it could cause confusion for new players. This includes all names
     with variations of "stor," "storage," and "locker" in the name.
   - If your name is vulgar or otherwise inappropriate in any way, it will
     not be displayed to new players on the newbie clan channel.

If you have been denied access for reason #1, inappropriate or disrespectful
behavior, there is very little chance of you being allowed back into the
newbie clan on that character.

If you have been denied access for reason #2, an unapproved or unapprovable
name, you may ask a god to remove the ban once your name has been changed
and approved.