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These are Medievia sanctioned ways to help newbies and represent our game:

 1.) Introduce yourself as a player willing to assist a newbie and ask if
     they have any questions about the game. Pretty simple!

 2.) Point out things newbies may not think to ask about, such as how to
     loot corpses, how to talk on various channels, how to get gear, etc.
     Think of things that confused you when you were a newbie.

 3.) Offer to sleep mobiles, faerie fire them, etc. to assist a newbie in
     leveling. Keep in mind the newbie may not know what you are talking
     about yet.

 4.) Resurrect dead newbies! If you see an undead corpse of a low level
     ask them if they need assistance in learning about death, praying,
     and finding the altar.

 5.) Show newbies the donation room. You may give them eq of your own if
     you wish, but we are more fond of teaching instead of just giving

 6.) Explain how to get their name approved after they reach level 2.
     Check and see if they made their way into the newbie clan yet and
     tell them how if they didn't.

 7.) Casting beneficial spells on a newbie is always nice, be sure to tell
     them what the spells are and that they will get them when they level
     or multiclass.

 8.) Explain how to use useful objects like potions or scrolls.

 9.) Create food for people who need it! Make sure they know how to find a
     store to buy it from as well.

10.) Point out help files whenever possible, helping people help
     themselves is the best way to ensure they will learn how to play the

Be sure to remain encouraging, positive, and patient when helping
players. If a player tells you they do not need anymore help, wish them
luck and move on to someone else!

If you need more of an idea on how to start helping, check out the help