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Welcome to the wonderful world of Medievia. We are an active and fun game with
a fantasy-like atmosphere. We attempt to keep that fantasy feel within this
realm, so forming with someone with the name of Billgates, would really spoil
the game for others. Creating names for the player can be one of the best parts
of starting out. This name will be who you will be known as by all, so a fun
and unique name creates a place for you here.

If you have been told by an avatar or god to read this help file, this usually
means that your name has been denied for play in the land. Please choose a new
name, using the guidelines below, and type:

CHECK <yournewnamehere>

If the name is taken, please choose another. If you have any problems
finding a name, you can contact an avatar or god for assistance. Once you
have a name that fits the guidelines, type something similar to:

PRAY please change my name to <the name you want>

Please do not constantly pray that you need your name changed. If you do not
receive a response within 4 or 5 minutes, THEN pray again. Sometimes the gods
and avatars are just so busy that they may miss a pray.

If you are having trouble coming up with an appropriate name, you can type
NAMES to see a list of pre-approved names. If you wish to find one beginning
with a certain letter, you can type NAMES A, NAMES B, etc to view only names
that begin with that letter. (For example, NAMES P will show you names
beginning with P). Once you have found a pre-approved name you like, you can
use the RENAME command to name yourself to that name. Simply type RENAME and
the name you chose from the list. For example, if you chose "Lichar" you would

There is more help under HELP RENAME

Below are some guidelines:

1. Medievia is a fantasy land so many fantasy type names are alright, except
   for the more famous ones. Avoid major names from the Bible or other
   religious works. This would include major religious figures like Jesus,
   Buddha, and Mohammed. Avoid the names of major mythological characters.

   Examples of bad names: Merlin, Zeus, Venus, Saturn, Aslan, Chewbacca

2. Common or real life names are not acceptable; however, some of the more
   unique sounding names might be acceptable.

   Examples of bad names: Joe, Anne, Sally, John, Sarah, Mike, Michelle, Mark

   Examples of good names: Seth, Adela, Elias, Bernhard, Valentina

3. Very common or famous last names are not acceptable.

   Examples of bad names: Smith, Johnson, Clinton, Einstein, Letterman

   Examples of good names: Holcomb, Hames, Merritt, Smit, Smythe

4. Modern words are not okay. Dictionary words are not good names. This
   includes any type of play-on-words, common words from other languages or
   minor misspellings of unacceptable words.

   Examples of bad names: Corvette, Velcro, Couch, Lamp, Brush, Death, Hola

5. Compound names may or may not be OK. The basic rule is that the name
   needs to sound like a fantasy or tribe-like name and is not a popular
   real-life name, like Crazyhorse. The usage of basic colors, items and
   animals make the best compound names. The two words must fit together
   properly and make sense; for instance, Buzzrock doesn't make sense
   because rocks don't buzz, so the two words don't go together naturally.
   Similarly, names that contain more specific colors than a basic
   spectrum won't make sense; if someone were to point to a bird, they
   would say, "Look at that red bird," not, "Look at that maroon bird."
   Please make sure the compound makes reasonable sense.

   The compound names cannot have titles, such as sir or lord, or basic words
   for people, like man, woman, boy, or girl.

   Further, compound names that are strikingly reminiscent of mobs or objects
   in the game may not be approved at the avatar or god's discretion. This
   is to prevent names that are clearly from a zone in the game or that
   would clearly fit with a specific zone. This is a small group of names
   to be denied.

   Example of bad names: Darthvader, Muscleman, Sirjames, Blacklord, Browndog
                         Maroonflower, Buzzrock, Crazyhorse

   Example of good names: Clearwind, Nightstorm, Whiteflame, Redblossom

6. The name can not be from Pokemon or any similar type card or video game.
   Most anime names will not be approvable.

   Examples of bad names: Yugiho, Pikachu, Yoshi, Robotech

7. *One* set of triple letters are allowed in a name if it still looks
   medieval. Names like Billly and Ronnny are not acceptable, though Tarrrax
   and Gavvvon would be.

8. All names must be from 3 to 13 characters long.

Here are some tips for choosing a name if you are having trouble.

  Use the CHECK command.

  Type WHO to look at how other characters are named.

  Take the current name you are using and turn it into a medieval type name.
  (Example: "Lucy" or "Lily" would not be approved, but "Lucillia" would be.
  "Frank" or "Steve" wouldn't be approved, but "Frankar" or "Stiev" may be.)

  If you have any doubt, you may ask a god or avatar, but please do not ask
  until you are pretty sure it will be approved.

Some places you might find a good fantasy/medieval name online:


Gods and avatars hold within their authority the right to deny or approve
names as they see fit. Some names may seem suitable for the land of
Medievia, but may have something else that makes them unsuitable for
approval. Remember, it is up to the god's or avatar's discretion to
approve or deny. Please also note that a name's approval is not contingent
on the approval of a similar name: Redflower was approved, but
Maroonflower would not be because, though similar, the difference makes it
unapprovable according to the rules regarding compound names.

Updated 05/05/09