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Multislot equipment has special properties that make it take up multiple
positions on the body. Any piece of eq with "MS" on an auction item brief
or with a MultiSlot Item tag on the conventional identify is a Multislot
equipment item. With the item worn, you will not be able to wear other
items that the particular piece of multislot equipment covers. The
locations the equipment covers are listed under the MultiSlot Item tag
when you IDENTIFY the item.

Here is an example:
Your divination is complete...
Object: a suit of Alcordian battle armor [armor battle alcordian suit]
Item Type: ARMOR   Effects: NoBits
Equipable Location(s): TAKE BODY
MultiSlot Item: LEGS ARMS
Weight: 10     Value: 60000     Level Restriction: 22
The object appears to be in perfect pristine condition.
Days Left: 185
AC-apply of 15     Class Restrictions: ANTI_MAGE ANTI_CLERIC
    +5 to HITROLL
    +5 to DAMROLL

This is a piece of multislot eq. This is made clear by the MultiSlot Item tag
that is under the Equipable Locations tag. Now the primary location for the
item is BODY which is under Equipable Location(s). The MultiSlot Item tag
reveals two positions: ARMS and LEGS. This piece of eq covers BODY, LEGS,
and ARMS and thusly covers 3 locations. This means that with the armor
worn, you cannot wear anything on the LEGS and ARMS position, in addition
to the BODY position that the item covers.

An example of an auction id brief msg is as thus:

AUCTION a suit of Alcordian battle armor in slot B, minimum bid: 500,000,
auctioner: Someguy.
    Lev(23) Loc(body) AM AC AC-ap(15)  MS hr(5) dr(5) Cond(pristine)

The red MS tag on the brief identify description reveals that the item in
question is Multislot. For more details, you would type: bid b ?