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Support questions relating to using MUD clients with Medievia should be
directed to Selthios or Calrog.
Their e-mail addresses are and

Updated: 04/11/2000 by Gamina

This is a very brief explanation of starting up MudMaster. A more complete
help can be found on and through

My suggestion is to download both the complete version and the beta
version of MudMaster. The complete version contains all the help files
that were written for Mudmaster at that time while the Beta version does
not. The MudMaster web page contains the help files for any newer command
since the complete version came out.

Setting it up:

1. Unzip the complete version into your mudmaster directory. This will
   give you all the help files for many of the most common commands.
2. Unzip the beta version and overwrite the mudmast.exe file. This will
   allow you access to the help files, but let you use the most current
3. Make sure you have the 2 dll's that are listed on the web site in the
   correct directory. (This can be either your mudmaster directory or the
   windows\system directory)
4. For the ease and speed, open MudMaster from the MsDos prompt and not
   from Windows Explorer. Explorer has a tendancy to make the program lag.
5. Calling help files: Many of the most needed help files are able to be
   accessed from this program. Type: "/help" This gives the items you can
   find help with. The most common for beginners is: "/help commands". The
   help files you should take a look at right away are: session, chatname,
   call, mode, read, and write. Other help files that are very useful are
   alias and action. You MUST use / before help to access the program's
   help files.

Basic Script File:

The first thing you need to do is make a file:

1. If you have a name on Medievia already, type: "/chatname yourname"".
   (ex: /chatname Gamina) This will set what others see when you chat.
2. Type: "/write <scriptname>". (example: /write gamina) This saves the
   file. After you change anything in your script, save it.
3. To make an alias to call Medievia. Type: "/alias {med} {/session med 4000}"-Now, when you want to call the game, all you need
   to do is type: "med"

Now you are ready to play!

Here are some useful triggers. Trigger is another name for action. Make
sure you read Help RULES to see what rules we have for using triggers.
When you make these actions or alias', you MUST type exactly what you will
see, so if you see "You collapse", making an action with "you
collapse"-will not work.

Some actions: Using a ^ in front of an action means it looks for the
string after it in the line, not just from the beginning of the line.
/action {^You are thirsty.} {drink water}
/action {^You are hungry.} {eat food}
/action {^You collapse, totally out of breath!} {stand}
/action {^You fall down.} {stand}

(these cause less fight spam to you)
You can gag certain things but just typing: "/gag {what you want to gag}"
/gag {%0 dodges %1}
/gag {%0 misses %1}
/gag {You dodge %0}
/gag {You parry}

These are so you do not need to type the full name of something out. A
long name, such as Ozymandias,  can be hard to keep typing out. If you had
a tabadd for ozymandias, you could type: "ozy" then hit tab instead of
enter and it fills in the rest.
/tabadd {ozymandias}  (o <tab>)
/tabadd {gamina}  (g <tab>)
/tabadd {mynameisjoe} (myn <tab>)
/tabadd {mysweet}  (mys <tab>)  You need to type part of the name out
until you get to a different character.. n vs. s in this example.

What you can type to do certain functions.
/alias {med} {/ses med 4004}
/alias {cure} {get potion bag;q potion}
/alias {ch %1} {/chatall $1}

When using an alias to do more complicated things, % and $ may be used.
What the last alias is showing me doing is typing: ch <a message> and
showing you chatting to everyone that message. This is provided you have
someone on chat (see below on calling another person). The first number
MUST be the same as the second number to transfer the information you put
in. The difference is the input you ENTER must use a percent sign. The
PLACE the input is coming out MUST use a dollar sign. The easiest way to
remember this is anything going in the first set of {} must use % and the
second set must use $. See "/help alias" for more information.

More than one command can be done on any line and separated by a
semi-colon. (;) Say, if you wanted to walk west then east very very
quickly, you could type: "w;e" and hit enter.

Semi-colon's and at symbols (@ and ;) are used by Mudmaster. In
order to use them for the game to see, you would need to use \ before
it. (example: giving your e-mail address to someone on the game. "say
my e-mail address is gamina\"-would show people: Yourname
says, 'my e-mail address is'.)

Other things to check out via the web or help files in mudmaster:
Sounds                              Events
MSP                                 Highlights
Colors                              File transfers
Alias/Event/Action transfers        Ping
Unalias/Unevent/Unaction            Editaction/Editevent/Editalias

Credits: Thanks to Baalzebul, one of Medievia's former gods, for creating
this awesome program for people to use with Medievia or on any mud!