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This section contains some tips for getting sound to work with MudMaster.

First, download the sound packs from the Medievia web page
( The files are stored as self-extracting

Create a subdirectory of mudmaster called Sounds. This folder might already
exist in newer installations of MudMaster. Unzip the sounds there with their
own directories (Clan, Combat, Quest, Spells, Util, Weather, z198).
On very old installations of MudMaster the weather sound pack may need
to be extracted into the Sounds folder, not a subdirectory.

After everything has been extracted set your sound path to that directory
(example: /soundpath {C:\Program Files\PortableMudMaster\Sounds\}).

Within MudMaster use the following commands:
MSP on enables MSP
MSP ? tells you what sounds have been located. If it comes up with nothing,
you don't have your paths configured correctly.

Set your sound path to that directory (/soundpath c:\mudmast\msp).

On Medievia, type SETSOUND ALL to enable sounds.
If sounds are not working after turning on SETSOUND try saving your character
file and restarting MudMaster.

If you have problems with MudMaster crashing with sounds enabled,
try /useplaysound {ON}.

Information on ZMud can be found at

MSP is an old feature no longer under any sort of development;
if you can't get it to work, the gods aren't able to offer any assistance.