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Mobfactions have multiple levels of logic. The main logic for lions is
the main MF logic that rules the squads and is a multi-goal priority-based
event and state system. The second tier of logic is the Squads who control
the MF mobs owned by them and is also a multi-goal priority-based system
with events and finite state machines. The third tier is the mobs, who
also each have multiple priority-based goals and events and states, etc.
This creates a more dynamic feel for the game over the game lands' space.
It is all coded in such a way as to use very little CPU time yet have very
cool emergent behavior. It almost begs for a lot of "WIZARD EYE" spells,
"SENSE MOVEMENT" spells, TRAPS being laid, "SHIELD ROOM" spells, etc. I
HIGHLY suggest doing many wizard eyes to get a good idea of situations in
the wilderness.

MF mobs are not what you are used to. They move and respond much faster.
Many can outrun you in the wilderness, even with a mount. Many will knock
you off your mount. Many will flee until they feel safe and rest to heal
fast. Many will knock you down, incapacitated, and drag you away from the
form anywhere from a room to dozens of rooms right into their zones. Many
will wait for a multi-front attack on your position. Many of you are now
worried about CPU lag. The last test took 1.5 hours with 9 heroes to
defeat a lions' den and after 1.5 hours the whole thing took just .48
seconds of CPU time, less than half a second. The point here being, they
are fast and will get faster and smarter as testing goes and I get a feel
for how much CPU I can presume to have available. The new Med V modules
are also pulsed off of our workload system that is sort of the Medievia
engine carburetor, and its main feature is to prioritize modules and
analyze the situation every 1/4 second, stalling some features if needed.
This means if things DO go bad it will provide a more smooth player