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Updated:  April 5, 2002

This is a very brief explanation of starting up MudMaster 2000 version
v3.1.3.13. More help can be found in Help MudMaster_tips. This deals
specifically with the differences in MM2k.

The first thing you need to do is to download and unzip the setup file.
You can download the file at:

Once you have unzipped it, double click on the file to run the setup. This
will open all the necessary files into the directory specified. You can
use either the default directory, or choose your own.

Once you have completed the setup, there is an icon on your desktop called
"MudMaster" that is blue and red. Double-click on this file to open up
MudMaster. Now you are ready to go!

Some setup tips:

1. The first thing you need to do is click 'File', then 'New' to start a
    new session. This will then give you the chance to create a new file.
2. Next, click 'Configuration', then 'Session Configuration'.
    - Give the session a name (ie Medievia)
    - The server address is with a port of 4000 (you can
      use ports 4000 through 4007)
    - You can use the default script name, or use a script you already
      have. If you want to create a new script, you will need to click
      'ok' first, then click 'File' 'Save As' and then save the file name
      that you want. Go back into 'Session Configuration' and add that
      name as the script name.
    - Click OK.
3. Next, click 'Configuration', then 'Session Options'
    - You can change many of the options. These are up to you, if you want
      a bigger scrollback, or different colors, here is the place to
      change them. I also suggest clicking the 'MSP/Sound Options' tab,
      and make sure the 'Use MSP and the 2 boxes under it are checked.
      Also Click the 'Use PlaySound'. You can play around with the sounds
      and all the other options later to change them to your taste.
      Command Retention is very helpful when you need to type the same
      thing over and over. If you check this box, all you will need to do
      is hit enter to repeat the last command.
    - Click the 'Misc' tab, enter in the name you would like to use for
      Chat and your chat port. Most of the times this is 4050, but you can
      designate the 4 number port people can call.
    - Click 'Ok'. At first, I would suggest keeping the defaults. In the
      future, you may wish to play around a bit and see what some of these
      do, but they are not needed to play.
4. Click 'Session' and then Connect. This will connect you to the game!


To scrollback, you need only press the 'Page-Up' key. Alt-uparrow will
allow you to move through scrollback one line at a time. This can also be
used to start the scrollback screen. The final way to see scrollback is
looking to the top of the screen, underneath the buttons you will see a
thin bar. Using the mouse, you can left-click it and while holding it
down, drag it to the middle of the Mudmaster window.

Actions and Alias':

Under 'Configuration' you can click on Action, Alias', Event's and Macros.

For example, to set a basic Alias:
1. Click 'Configuration', click 'Alias', click 'Add'
2. In the 'Alias Text' box, enter in "write", without the quotes.
3. In the 'Action' box, enter "write paper quill", without the quotes.
4. If you wish, you can give this a group name, so that you can group
   your actions and alias' together.
5. This alias you just created will send 'write paper quill' to the game
   if you type 'write' and hit enter.

More examples on writing Alias', Actions and Macros can be found in Help
MudMaster_tips. You can use the same syntax in that file, or you can enter
it though the GUI boxes as shown in the example above.

Don't forget to save the file after editing it! (Click File, Save)

Credits: Thanks to Firm, one of Medievia's gods for creating this awesome
program for people to use with Medievia or on any mud!