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Rules of the Mellorian Citadel:
These rules are basically how players should conduct themselves, generally so
one person/clan/town doesn't "hog" the zone so that others, waiting patiently
or impatiently, cannot run it. These new rules are almost the same as the old
rules, with a few changes that will hopefully make it more enjoyable and fair
for all players to run the zone. Violation of these rules will most likely
result in a zone-ban or freeze, though more extreme measures are not entirely
ruled out, just unlikely to happen.

If you are in the zone, EVERYTHING about the zone--including the penalty for
failing a run--applies to you. The rooms called "A-Drawbridge Leading Over
the Ke'yelhal Moat,"-"At the End of the Drawbridge, Beneath the Barbican,"-
and "The Doors to the Citadel" are INSIDE THE ZONE even though they are
OUTSIDE the locked doors. Whisking in one of these rooms or being in one of
them when the run is failed will have precisely the same effect as if you
were anywhere indoors beyond the locked doors.

1) It is illegal for one player/clan/town to run the zone repeatedly if there
is someone waiting to run the zone after that player/clan/town. After you run
the Citadel (killing the pirates and collecting your prize), you must yield
to other persons waiting to run it after you. Even if a person helps you run
the zone, or is inside the Citadel killing pirates on your run, you still
must allow that person (or multiple persons) to run the zone after you are
done, if they are expecting to run it "  " the only exception to this rule is
if you and the player have worked out an agreement. You may NOT logon a
second character of yours to run the zone, even if that character is in a
separate clan than the one you are currently in. You may NOT run the zone and
then have a fellow clanmember logon a second character who isn't in your clan
run it directly after you are finished.
Reason for Rule 1: Several clans and towns were showing up at the zone with
many clan/town members and "hogging" the Citadel, running it back to back to
back etc., not allowing other people to run it. This was extremely unfair as
there was no way to "kick" the clan/town out of the zone, since they had no
blood and the Citadel is not PK Other players, who waited long periods of
time for their chance to run the zone, were unable to do so, because these
clans and towns had so many people, that collecting the keys fast and without
flaw was not a problem.
2) The best way to explain Rule 2 would be as an example. If two players, Bob
and Tom, are both at the Citadel, no matter who landed or entered first,
the first one of them who grabbed the FIRST key of the zone would be the
only player who would be allowed to run the zone. In this and EVERY case,
the first key of the zone would be off the Herald in the Throne Room. If
Bob got to the Herald, killed it and looted the key, Tom MUST yield to Bob
and allow Bob to run the zone. It would be illegal for Tom to grab any
keys unless he was planning to give them to Bob. Tom can help Bob kill
the pirates, but Tom may NOT kill the Pirate Captain, or "look telescope"
to summon the pirates, or do anything that could possibly "bank" Bob or,
in other words, impede Bob's successful running of the zone, unless Bob
gives Tom permission to. The ONLY exception to this anti-banking rule
would be if Bob has BLOOD or if Bob leaves the Citadel for AN EXTENDED
PERIOD OF TIME If Bob holds keys and leaves the zone for anything longer
than a short period of time, Tom must contact the gods by using the PRAY
channel or telepathing one of them. But please, Tom, be patient, as the
gods are extremely busy people.
Reason for Rule 2: This zone has no PK in it and over a dozen keys. It would
be VERY easy for Tom to grab any key while Bob was collecting the keys he
has the right to pick up. This is why the Herald in Throne Room key is
considered the FIRST KEY IN THE ZONE Whoever gets the key off the Herald is
allowed to run the zone. If someone tries to impede Bob's successfulness of
running the zone, Bob MUST CONTACT THE GODS by telepathing one of them or
praying about it.
3) It is illegal to do anything to lock the doors in this zone unless you are
running it. You may NOT unless you have the runner's permission, lock these
doors without consequence.
-The FIRST KEY of the zone comes off the Herald. Whoever kills the Herald and
grabs his key has the FULL RIGHT to run this zone uninterrupted.
-It is illegal to bank this zone in any way unless the person running it has
BLOOD Even then, you may ONLY kill the BLOODy person if YOU have the full
intention of running the zone. Banking just to bank is illegal in this zone.
-It is illegal to kill the Pirate Captain, or "look telescope", or lock the
-It is illegal for any person/clan/town to run this zone back to back, UNLESS
there is nobody waiting to run the zone immediately afterwards.
-If any of these rules are violated, or cleverly manipulated, expect a
punishment. These punishments are most likely to be, but not limited to:
a zone-ban, a freeze or a warning. Do NOT try to violate OR manipulate these
rules unless you expect to be reported or discovered and punished for it.