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The LINK command is used to pop you to and from the Medlink world.

Type LINK R or LINK RECALL if you are in Medlink and wish to pop back to
the beginning of Medlink.

If you want to request that another player join you in MedLink, type
LINK <name>. If the player happens to be AFK a message will tell you so
when you attempt to link that person.

MedLink is the primary social gathering place in Medievia. In MedLink, you
will find many interesting places to explore, including a full-service
casino. In order to enter MedLink, simply type LINK In order to return to
Medievia, type LINK again. If you just want to hang out with your friends,
or kill time in an interesting room, Medlink is the place for you.

MedLink also contains the Hall of Zones and several fun shops, as well as
bulletin boards for sharing opinions and poetry. Each clan has two rooms
in MedLink, one public room and one private meeting room. To get to your
clan's link room, type GOHALL once in MedLink.

You will not be able to leave MedLink if the area you linked from is
experiencing a hurricane or is in the path of a tornado. If you attempt to
unlink into a wasp storm, you will be asked if you're sure.

You cannot enter MedLink from NPK or CPK areas, unless you are in your own
GOHOME room or your current clan's CLANHALL

If you have someone on BLOCKMAIL they will not be able to link you.

You must be at least level 2 to enter MedLink.