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Welcome to MEDIEVIA

Medievia is one of the oldest and most established games on the Internet.
We opened in 1992 and never stopped coding and recoding the game. Our goal
is to create the best combat game in the world and also to make sure this
combat takes place in the most realistic virtual world on the net.
Medievia features trading via covered wagons, mounts that you can fly on,
over 4 million rooms, and hundreds of original zones. Our combat code uses
formations, tracking, traps, tons of skills and spells, ranged weapons,
throwable weapons, and some of the most challenging and intelligent
monsters to battle against on the net. We have some of the most feature-
rich clan code in the world. We have herobattles that can be viewed and
wagered on by everyone. We have the MUDSlinger, which is our player-driven
press publication. We have the Catacombs, a code-created zone that is
known worldwide as the scariest of all zones. We have a true storm and
weather system. We have real, player-driven economies. Come join our
36,000 active players and enjoy the game.

Medievia is owned and managed by Vryce (Mike Krause;
But mainly Medievia is run, played and supported by the true Medievians:
the players and their love for the game.

Medievia... The Next Step...