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    MEDBUILD command zone# [options]
    MEDBUILD REVIEW zone# - review zone history (anyone)
    MEDBUILD STATUS zone# - view zone status (anyone)
    MEDBUILD Z - show status summary for all zones (anyone)
    MEDBUILD Z name - shows WOM WRE or CODER assigned to zones (anyone)

    MEDBUILD CT command zone# [options]
      This command is used in the same way as normal zones, but is used
      in reference to clantowns.

    mb status 97      - Shows the status of E'urdin Zilartzen
    mb z Ozymandias   - Shows all zones Ozymandias is assigned to
    mb ct status 202  - Shows the status of clantown 202
    ctmb status 202   - An alternative format of mb ct

Using this command will let you see the progress on clantowns and upcoming

For CT builders, CTMB by itself will show the status of your town.

InProgrs: First stage of development (before first review)
Uploaded: Information is turned in at this stage
Processg: Reviewal stage
NeedWork: That area of the zone has been reviewed and needs work
Complete: That area of the zone is complete