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Being lost is definitely not fun. Below are some ideas on finding a city or
other zone.

If you are level 15 or under, you can type RECALL and return to the City
of Medievia's recall point. This is true if you are alive or dead.

If at all possible, call a dragon to fly to a zone you know. If you are out
of money, you may be able to auction items you have to get enough.

If using a dragon does not work for you or you are dead, type SURVEY to
pinpoint the area you are in. This command shows nearby altars and zones.
Then run in that general direction. If nothing shows up on the survey, run
in a direction a few rooms and continue using the SURVEY command until
something shows.

If you are lost in a zone, teleport or recall out. Someone may be able to
summon you out of the zone also. Remember, some zones you can not teleport
or recall out of.

If you are dead and lost within a zone, "quaff vial" to teleport you into
the wilderness and use the SURVEY command to find a altar or "holy place" to
pray. Remember, many zones have altars in them and may save some running
back to the zone later. While dead, you only have 3 vials. Be sure to take
that into consideration while teleporting. If you run out of vials by
mistake or some other reason, you can log out and return with 3 vials.
Logging out as a corpse does NOT require camping.

See Also: SURVEY