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Loot-limit CPK areas are areas where, if you are killed, the number of
items that can be stolen from your corpse is limited. Other players will
only be able to loot you until that number of items have been taken.

In the prompt when you enter CPK you will see a notice of the loot limit
in that area. This may be a low number like 1 or 2, or a high number like 8
or 10. Keep in mind the relative value of entering these different CPK
areas, as the rules and risks of CPK still apply.

Unlike CPK in LLCPK you do not lose a whole level worth of MLR If the
loot limit is 2 you lose 20% of the previous level requirements for xp,
aq, trading, and egging. If it is 5 loots you lose 50%, and so on. If it
is 10+ loots, it's just like normal CPK and you lose the whole level. If
the percentage of your MLRs that you lose means you no longer have enough
for your current level, you will lose the level.