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Medievia does not have an online logging system for players to use.
Most mud programs have a system to capture what the player sees.

LOGS can be a good thing to have if you detect a problem somewhere
within the game. A log is able to help a god see exactly what is
wrong or what happened. If asked if you have a log, please DO NOT
edit the log before sending it to the person that asks. If it is
deemed changed, both the log and possibly the character may be

Logs from players are not accepted in cases that involve discipline; gods
use only system logs in those cases.

A CAP is a capture of things that had passed the screen already and have
not been logged. Most mud programs have a way to capture the text that has
passed. Also see if the program used handles GAG Gagging something
basically means that a player told the program not to show anything that
is "gagged". CAP is also a Medievia command; see Help CAPS for more