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Syntax: open/close
        rentlocker <number of months>
        get <item/all/all.item>
        put <item/all/all.item>

Lockers allow you to store up to 50 items before you rent out of the game.
Your first three months are free, but after that, you must pay a monthly
fee of 500,000 coins for your locker.

If your locker time expires without additonal months being purchased, you
must pay the back rent before you can access your locker. Use RENTLOCKER
to pay the back rent. You can specify a number of months after the command
to pay for many months at once. You can also opt not to pay the back rent
and instead discard the contents of your old locker and rent a new one.

You may not store potions, wands, NO_RENT items, certain quest prizes, or
treasure items. DRAGONHIDE items that are stored in a locker may change
their name when they're removed. Logging out and back in will fix this.

It is not necessary to close your locker to protect its contents.