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Any clan may take a Medievia loan out for as much as 500 million
gold. If your clan is interested in doing this please contact If it's easier, you may mudmail to 'Realestate'.
Make absolutely sure the e-mail address on your character is correct.

Loans are subject to a 0.25% daily interest charge. This means your loan
balance is increased 0.25% every day.

Loans are generally used for clantown expansion. See HELP CLANTOWN for
more information. Loan funds may also be used for sistering fees, clanitem
change fees, and so on. Loans may NOT be used for unsistering.

Loans can be authorized only by the clanleader, not the coleader. Any
clanleader taking out a loan is PERSONALLY responsible for paying off the
loan. If your clan disbands and you cannot cover the loan balance, you
will be purged. Not frozen: purged.

To make payments towards your loan see the PAYMENTS command.

If your clan's loan balance grows to 600 million gold or above from daily
interest charges your clan will lose CLANTALK until the balance is reduced
below 600 million.