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Lions usually have 3 squads. One squad has mobs in and out of the zone
that are guarding; these are usually lion cubs. Another squad both in
and out of the zone is protecting and is usually made up of male lions.
The last squad is usually on the road looking for traders and are what
most people will have to deal with when trading. They are usually female

The lion guard and protect squads are in-zone and out of zone (very
spread out) and respond to different threats differently as they protect
the zone. Almost all MFs including lions smell very well. "LOOK AROUND"
often and see which way is downwind as lions smell upwind anywhere from 1
to 20 rooms away depending mostly on wind velocity and weather. The den
will breed new mobs if it is not under attack. To defeat a den you must
kill all the mobs and keep the den occupied until it is done. Normally
traders just deal with the patrol squad. People will attack and defeat the
den for HeroPoints, experience, gold, and sometimes just because the local
traders have had it with the den slowing local trading down. I am hoping
'just for fun' is also a reason.

The third squad that traders will come to know is not spread out; in fact
their main goal is pack patrol, which means they hunt in a tight pack and
use multiple strategies. You will see them in sense movement and wizard
eye coming down the road, sometimes looking like a small storm of mobs,
oozing around as they search for an enemy.

Note that most MFs will quickly break an unoccupied room shield.