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This is one of the more pleasant things to happen while in Medievia.
When you gain enough experience points from combat and satisfy your MLRs,
you will gain a level.

To see what you need to level, type: score L

To see what is required of you to advance per level:

   levels X   to see experience needed per level and player titles
   levels X class (class being mage, thief, cleric, or warrior)
              to see the level titles for another class
   levels A   to see autoquest points needed per level
   levels L   to see formation leading points needed per level
   levels T   to see trading points needed per level
   levels E   to see egg points needed per level
   levels D   to see dragon points needed per level
   levels *   to see all multi-level requirements at once

As you gain each level, you earn valuable practice points. These you can
trade in at your guild for new spells/skills or to finish practicing the
old to their best possible excellence. The guilds are each located in
their own quarter in the City of Medievia. When you first begin a
character, you begin in your guild hall. To return to the guild hall
without walking, from any of the portals in the City of Medievia, you can
type "enter guild".

Please see Help MLR for more details on what is required of you to level
as you progress through your classes. Single class is much easier than
fourth class, requiring only XP