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The CPK Kill Ledger is a list the player has recording their CPK Kills for
all time. The list is in order from most recent to oldest kill.

Not all kills are recorded, the player decides. The player must use a
Decromancer nail to record a kill into the ledger.

Decromancers are demon Necromancers, Hellraider, Hellreaper, Hellripper,
etc. You get a nail when you kill one. If the nail is still humming and
has time left before it totally deteriorates it can be used to record a
kill forever in your ledger. Once a nail is used it stops humming.

Your SCORE will show any CPK kills you have in the last day, giving each
record a number starting at 0. To forever record one of these kills into
your kill ledger you simply HOLD the non-detted humming nail and do a USE
NAIL 0' or USE NAIL 2' with the number matching the number in your SCORE

GAMEINFO command shows a players CPK Kill Ledger via:


Example: ga vryce

The ledger records who you killed, when, where, if you were leader of the
formation, and how many players were in your formation at the time.