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The aim of Medievia is to provide an enjoyable family environment for online
gaming. We have all age and maturity levels playing here, and in an effort to
make everyone comfortable, we enforce a no cursing policy. If someone
asks you to stop using 'bad' language, please do.

There is no swearing over public channels in Medievia. The normal punishment
for cursing is a three (3) day freeze of the offending player. Extreme or
repeat offenders may be punished more severely, up to and including removal
(purging) and SITEBAN

Public channels include (but are not necessarily limited to):

     asay, ask, bloodline, chat, clsay, clan, develop,
     dream, emote, form, herobattle, imm, pray, quest,
     room, say, shout, talk, telepath, town, whisper

Library and clan bulletin boards are also considered public.

Updated 9/9/08:

Vryce has made it clear that clans are what their members make them. So if
you find yourself in a clan whose channel is rife with "adult language,"
and it makes you uncomfortable, you should find a new clan.

The NEWBIE clan (clans 50) is different; gods and avatars will and do
police this channel, and cursing will not be tolerated there.

Bashing, as distinct from cursing, is not tolerated on any channel, and if
bashing is reported on a clan or town channel, disciplinary action can and
will be taken.

(end of updated section)

Cursing at someone 'directly'--via a channel like telepath, ask, or
whisper--will also get the offender frozen.

The insertion of asterisks or other "junk" characters into words which
would normally be considered cursing does not make such words acceptable,
nor does the omission of letters. Acronyms which obviously imply cursing
are also not acceptable.

See Also: RULES