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Towns may design the wilderness around their town, we call this
landscaping. All of the townland around your town can be changed. These
areas can be seen on the live map:

Landscaping is mostly for looks but they can change rooms to NPK

The towns clan leaders, towns clan co-leaders, and any of the towns
members with the LANDSCAPING clan privilege set may landscape around the

All landscaping is done via the JOB command management options via:
J M L for short

NOTE initially this landscaping is INSTANT and FREE, but once testing is
over this will hire workers who you will pay and they will do the
landscaping which will take them some time. This will also eventually cost
a fair amount of fae magic.

J M L shows the menu:
This shows the fully abbreviated commands and the full commands
Landscaping menu: - j m l t Shows the types of rooms allowed
                    job manage landscaping types
                  - j m l l # Landscapes the room to the #
                    job manage landscaping landscape #
                  - j m l r Removes the rooms landscaping
                    job manage landscaping remove
                  - j m l r a Removes all town landscaping
                    job manage landscaping remove all
                  - j m l e # Encircles the towns land with #
                    job manage landscaping encircle #

Note that when you landscape a room it may say it was done yet the room
has not changed. This may happen if their is internal landscaping with a
higher priority, for instance if HELLRAIDER has infested the area you can
still landscape but you will not see the change until HELLRAIDER is

If anyone wishes to landscape any stupid stuff they will be purged. We
expect no making of large fonts seen while flying. We expect no stupidity
at all. We do not care if you want your town surrounded by arctic
wasteland, a desert, or a simple garden, just do not press our buttons. If
you think Vryce may object, make sure to email him and get his permission