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Avatars and gods only.

   lamelog                   - lists the last several 'lame' deeds
   lamelog <character name>  - lists 'lame' deeds involving <character>

   hlamelog <character name> - same as lamelog <name> but ignores minor stuff

This command will allow you to check for a few types of illegal activities
going on with players. It will show you the following information:

  1) Who performed the illegal deed. (Lame Form)
  2) Who was victimized. (Victim Form)
  3) Details
     a. Helping spells cast on the mob. (heals/sanc/fearing/etc.)
     b. Attacking a mob the victim was fighting.
     c. Looting items from a mob the player didn't kill.
     d. Sacrificing a mob corpse someone else killed.

Warnings should only be dealt out if there was a complaint from a victim.
Use the AVATARHISTORY command to make a record after you warn someone. If
LAMELOG shows repeated offenses, or if the player is uncooperative, please
refer the situation to a god. Players who make a habit of stealing kills
or loots can and will be frozen.

HLAMELOG works the same way, but it ignores corpse sacs, gold coin loots,
and potion loots, leaving the more serious offenses.