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The kraken is a mobfaction mob created by the DM to attack ships. The kraken
is a giant squid seamonster that climbs up and onto the ship. It does not
move, as it cannot support its massive weight out of the water. It has long,
multi-mob arms that extend out and feel around the ship. They pull victims
back to the beast. The kraken is almost impossible to kill until you defeat
all of its arms. Each arm is basically a squad of mobs that act together to
represent the arm. When you kill a section of the arm, all of the mobs out
to the tip die as well. The arms tend to come back in when being attacked.
The main beast has an incredibly nasty attack when it has arms and should
not be attacked until all or most of the arms are dead. The kraken will
knock you out of the room once you are hurt.

When killed you get a Kraken's Swim Bladder which is very important when
adventuring in the UNDEROCEAN When held it allows you to move very
quickly UP and DOWN via the UU and DD commands. It does use a lot of
MOVEMENT points and BREATHE This amazing bladder also allows you to
remain 'stuck' to the ocean floor if you wish. When on the very bottom of
the ocean use the DD command when holding the bladder and you will be
stuck to the bottom so that when you move North, East, West, and South you
will automagically be moved UP AND DOWN as needed so that you remain on
the bottom of the uneven terrain. To become unstuck use the UP or UU

Defeating the kraken gains the ship FAE magic, and the attackers gain GOLD

Since the kraken does not damage the ship, it can be left to kill other
nasties if that is a good plan.