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Kill stealing constitutes attacking a mobile when another player is engaged in
combat with that mob. If a player flees from a mob, and the mob is no longer
fighting anyone, it's legal for anyone to kill the mob. Although legal, killing
a mob that someone fled from in order to regain hit points and mana is
considered rather rude.

Note that elementals and other charmed mobs count as players, but only while
they are charmed. If a mob is fighting only uncharmed mobiles, anyone can
attack it.

Looting a mob another player killed is also considered kill stealing. If you
did not kill a mob, do not loot or sacrifice the corpse without getting
permission from the person who killed it. If a mob is killed by natural causes
or by another mob, the kill belongs to the formation that was legally engaged
to the mob when it died, if any.


1) Mob factions and lair dragons are exempt from both kill stealing and loot
   stealing rules. However, for dragonlair maps, the first person/form to
   attack the map mob and stay engaged until death has first rights to the map.

2) Kill stealing rules do not apply in CPK as stated in RULES part c.

3) Loot stealing rules do not apply in Giant Seaslugs. When Hellraider is in
   CPK loot stealing rules do not apply. Once Hellraider has reverted to
   LPK normal killstealing and lootstealing rules apply, as in all LPK

4) Equipment that automatically drops to the ground when a ghost mob
   dies can be looted by other players if the player who killed the mob
   leaves the room or is NPK'd out.

5) Mobs the Fae Ball carrier is engaged with are exempt from killstealing
   and mob interference rules. Lootstealing rules still apply.

**Please use common sense though. It is polite to ask a player in
  a room if they are going to kill a mob. If you notice it is already
  hurt, it is polite to see if someone had to flee from it.