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Many doors in the zones of Medievia need keys, either because the door
is not pickable or there is not an available thief in the form that
can pick it. Please do not hold onto, sacrifice, or otherwise
dispose of keys in order to deny other players entrance to a zone or
part of a zone. Do not purposefully log out with keys to a zone in your
possession. The only reason to get and use keys is to run the
zone in the immediate future.

See Help RULES for more specific rules on key usage.

Catacombs rule:  Since the catacombs show up within different zones, there
may be some confusion on the key rules. If you need a key to enter the
room the catacombs is in, you may not lock the door behind you and enter
the combs. This act is illegal because the Catacombs is its own zone, not
the zone it pops in. Keys are only held if it is to run the zone you are
currently in. (e.g., combs pop behind the shack in Thanos--you may not
hold onto the key and enter the catacombs. You are technically not running
the Thanos zone. If you intend to lock the door, you must be running the
zone you are in, not the combs.)

A note on moving combs: We do not move combs simply because they
load behind a locked door, or even several locked doors. We do move
them if a Day Key, a component item, or an item that is limited in
number is required. We also will move combs if they load in a section
of a zone that is not open to the public. We do not move them for any
other reasons, so please do not ask.

See Also: RULES