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I am virtually certain that I will be turning off all communication
channels during this time of change and then they might not ever return.
We will see. Players love change but they cannot handle change if we allow
them to talk about it.



You may not speak about changes to the game or changing the game in any
way on a global channel. You may not start debating changes or discussing
them on global channels, even if you do so with civility. The only thing
we will allow is to say very positive things, so there can be no
discussion of changes as many players have not one civil bone in their
body, so global debate or discussion will not work.

Global discussion of changes is now a thing of the past.

If what you say is at all negative you will be gagged.

Global talk of anything about the game that you do not like is a thing
of the past.

To be clear, you may not say one word about any change to the game in
anyway on a global channel unless it is saying that you love the change.

You may not discuss possible changes even if you like it, not on global

This rule will be enforced as a zero tolerance policy starting right now.

If it does not work then I will indeed close down all communication

I do not think it will work and I do predict that I will have to
remove them.

Some players just cannot speak well of the game they love so much, they
get way too emotional, and I will simply not have one word bad said about
the game on a global channel.


That is over.

Seriously, it is over, not one word, that or I remove the channels.

When a player is gagged for this reason the God will say on the offending
channel that they were gagged so everyone knows, and they will say to read

Where to discuss changes? Town talk, clan talk, in rooms, anywhere not on
global channels. Any negative posts on the board will result in your
removal as they are also gloval.

Good ideas always filter up and we hear them, this rule will in no way
hinder our ability to get feedback. Anyone who has one word to say about
this rule that is negative will of course be gagged as well.

We have leaders that you elect, the governor and mayor. These are the
people who are here to hear your debates. I will need a lot of feedback
and I will get it from the Governor and Mayor. I expect the clan leaders
to know the changes their clan likes or dislikes and I expect them to
communicate this to the the governor and mayor, simply e-mail and They will filter all ideas
and get the pulse of the playerbase and get back to me. Just as all of the
gods are always doing.

You have an owner of your game that listens to everyone so you may e-mail
him! That is me! E-mail me if you do not like something, do not say a word
on global channels. You cannot complain about this, where else can you
just speak to the owner and see that he listens and responds? I simply no
longer want any of it on global channels. There will be too many changes
and it will not work.

We will have frequent development channel discussions where we can all
discuss changes, again we will need a lot of feedback and this is how we
will get much of it. Expect many DEV sessions.

You have the gods. The gods here are all players just like you and me and
they listen. They are all awesome people and will listen to any civil
complaint or suggestion about changes, but not on a global channel, there
they will be fired if they do not gag you.

If you wish to keep the global channels do not get gagged.