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Rumor has it that the wealthy merchant family called Kalvinchii has not
been heard from for some considerable time. I know not what has befallen
them but it must be terrible for them to not even travel to the Trellorian
markets during the last catastrophe.

Their family is headed by Lord Mattrum Kalvinchii. He was once a fierce
merchant guard who defended a wounded hero from an evil dragon. His
reward was a small fortune. He used this gold to start his own trading
company and quickly became very wealthy. He is known to be married to the
beautify Lady Alicia.

The only other information about his family and the small keep in which
they live is that it is known for its beautiful gardens and impressive

Note: Typing 'turn rose' in the first room is known to remove the NO_RENT
flag from roses you collect.

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Suggested Levels:
Solo: 21-25
Small Groups: 14-19
Large Groups: 12-16
Number of rooms: 33