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IVOTE is a prompted vote reminder we use on occasion for the mud portal
poll voting. When we place high on their most popular mud lists we gain
more new players. Please consider voting for Medievia. This is a very easy
and powerful way to help us grow.

When the game reminds you it is time to vote, in the game you enter in
VOTE IVOTED and it resets to remind you again later, then you vote on the
WWW which is just 2 clicks of the mouse. That is it. One page loads, one
button is clicked.

URL to vote at:

If you do not wish to participate simply do a VOTE IDONOTVOTE which will
opt you out of the whole concept for 30 days at a time. We could just turn
it off but we have two choices here really.

1) We could turn it off for you when you do this. The problem is then we
must have some sort of frequent reminder that the whole voting thing
happens. That is very intrusive and spammy.

2) We do what we do now. We turn it off for 30 days at a time. This way we
never have to spam people that voting exists on mud portals. Everyone gets
one simple thing a month, which overall is much easier, cleaner, and less