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The Medievia MUDSlinger conducts interviews with various ingame luminaries
on a semi-regular basis. These may be prominent members of staff, but
more often than not we like to get the views of players such as yourself.

Have you interesting (and printable - you know what we mean) views or
tales that you would cheerfully share with the entire game? Are you
prepared to face the questions we can put to you? Actually, we're not
quite *that* cruel - you can refuse to answer any question you feel fit
and you can suggest extra questions should you feel the need. We reserve
the right to use or discard any interview we see fit.

Read through some of the interviews we already have on the pages of the
MUDSlinger, if you are interested, and take note. If you feel up to
entertaining our readers then please contact Kimetan (
and try and arrange a time and a place for an online chat - enclose your
character name and a short explanation of why you are interesting or should
be interviewed. It's also possible to work entirely through e-mails for the
finished product, though it can be more cumbersome in some ways.